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Saudi Envirozone

Saudi Envirozone has been established during 2015 in Saudi Arabia to introduce Envirozone L.L.C. in the Saudi markets and participate in the bidding for all Environmental projects.

Leader in Air Quality Monitoring

More than 100 installations in the Middle East, with major clients in Saudi, United Arab Emirates, and beyond.

Saudi Envirozone is a 100% Saudi environmental company specialized in providing state-of-the art solutions for Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AAQMS), Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMS), Water Quality Monitoring Systems and Noise Monitoring Systems for environmental compliance (EPA/PME), process monitoring/optimization, and emissions testing applications. Saudi Envirozone is also active in environmental consultancy services including dispersion modelling and environmental auditing.

Saudi Envirozone offers a wide range of analytical solutions for various environmental projects, including multi-gas analyzers, discrete analyzers, particulate monitors, flow monitors, noise monitoring terminals and water quality monitoring sensors and consultancy services such as dispersion modeling, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) etc.

Saudi Envirozone provides a full range of services from project conception to after-sales service and support for pre-engineered and custom integrated systems. Riyadh headquarter is a home for our Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality Control, Finance and Project Support Teams. Our state-of-the-art facility enables Saudi Envirozone to house an extensive spare parts inventory, and handle multiple projects simultaneously.

Saudi Envirozone also rents monitoring equipment used for pollution control, ambient air quality monitoring for environmental compliance and environmental assessment.

Saudi Envirozone allow the rental of ambient and stack monitoring analyzers to undertake short, medium or long term projects. We service and repair all the equipment that we provide. We also keep ready standby analyzers for all criteria pollutant (SO2, NOx, O3, CO & PM10) to be replaced on the site to avoid any down time during monitoring phase. Our highly trained and experienced engineers carry out the installation and commissioning of all rented or leased environmental monitoring instrumentation at the client site. We also provide the transportation logistic for mobilization and demobilization of complete Air Quality Monitoring station/stations. We also provide the operation, maintenance, calibration and data collection and reporting of the system as part of an agreed package. All the analyzers and sensors in the air quality monitoring system are calibrated against certified standard calibration gas traceable to NIST or other European standards.

The monitoring equipment can be hired from 1 week onward and Envirozone provide full system integration including air-conditioned housing (fixed or mobile type), data logging system, calibration system including certified calibration gas cylinders and communications through GSM or PSTN.

Saudi Envirozone can provide the following analyzers/equipments on rental basis

  • Environment SA, SO2 /H2S Analyzer Model AF22e
  • Environment SA, NOx Analyzer Model AC32M
  • Environment SA, CO Analyzer Model CO12e
  • Environment SA, O3 Analyzer Model O3 42e
  • Environment SA, HC Analyzer Model HC51M
  • Environment SA, VOC Analyzer Model VOC72M
  • Environment SA, PM10/PM2.5/PM1.0 Analyzer Model MP101M
  • Data logging and communication instrumentation
  • Meteorological sensors (WS/WD, T/RH, SR, BP, Rain, etc.)

Saudi Envirozone is constantly adding new rental equipment and products to our inventory based on input from our customers.

Envirozone is the leader in air quality monitoring with more than 100 installations in the Middle East with a strong client base. Some of our major clients in Saudi and Middle East are ADA, MODON, ADNOC, ADWEA, APC, FEA, Emirates Steel Industries, EAD, etc. Some of the air quality monitoring analysers/equipment/software being used and handled by our highly skilled and factory trained staff in various projects are presented below.

Envirozone Formation

Envea Global being the Middle East Leaders in Air Quality Monitoring with more than 150 installations and with complete knowledge of the local requirements has foreseen the following factors which will affect the technical capability to support the local clients.

Increased awareness about Environment
Lack of Technical Staff to cover the Gulf
Lack of In house Technical Coordinators
Long response time for factory servicing
Long response time for shipping of Spares
Lack of Training Facility in the region.

In view of the above and the rapid increase in environment demand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Envirozone is Envea’s approach to support their regional clients by assuring necessary information & support in the field of Environmental Monitoring and Protection within their reach.

Saudi Envirozone Financial Statment (2017-2021)